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Slides from WordCamp NYC “Typography and Your Theme”

Thanks to everyone who came out to my session at WordCamp NYC! I’ve uploaded my slides to slideshare for you to view. Please feel free to leave comments or even just let me know what your favorite webfont is! Type in your WordPress Themes by Sara Cannon WordCamp NYC View more presentations from Sara Cannon.

Targeting Your Fonts in Firefox on Windows

Well, you can use this trick for just about anything in your CSS really. It just so happens that at a certain small weight, Museo Sans really crunches on Windows XP Firefox. Weather or not we can target specifically XP I’m not sure yet.. (if anyone knows chime in!) But we can target all Firefox’s […]

typekit on mac: Ltc Bodoni and Proxima Nova (perfect!)

Disabling Typekit for Windows

Web Typography is coming a long way with the use of @font-face. We are finally able to break out of system fonts and have options! Unfortunately, font-rendering on IE/Windows is still sub-par. The rendering engines have a hard time interpreting fonts properly that are embedded with @font-face that have yet to be re-crafted as a […]