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The Social Impact Lab at Northeastern University came to us with a brilliant program, compelling history, cutting-edge curriculum…and a website that didn’t showcase any of this.

We knew that the Lab needed a better way to highlight their work. As they walked us through their mission and goals in the Discovery phase, it became clear to us that they needed new home for everything they will be doing. The lab had big plans and needed a website that could keep up with planned changes.

To accommodate this long-term vision, we designed a series of flexible templates. These pages work with the Lab’s current status. They’re also extensible for the course and partner changes in the future.

A Vibrant Personality

Academia has a dry reputation, but the Lab’s personality is anything but boring. To match the founder and students’ energy levels, we implemented a bright color palette that really jumps off the page. This fit the Lab’s enthusiasm and NEU’s palette guidelines, which the Lab was subject to.

 Social Impact Lab About page in two iphones

Student Friendly Framework

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Social Impact Lab is student engagement. Students, not just program directors, manage and curate most of the site.

To facilitate this learning environment, we established a flexible structure that’s also difficult to abuse. Concrete elements (such as color and fonts) are locked up, but much of the site uses custom post types so entering and manipulating content is fast and easy for all site administrators – including students.

We also developed a reusable module, button, and CTA styles so students could expand the site without breaking the design.

 Social Impact Lab - Blog Home in an imac

Goal Oriented Outcomes

The result is a site aligned with the Social Impact Lab’s redesign goals:

  • Clearly defining the why, how, who and what of the Social Impact Lab
  • Receiving a framework with ample room for growth
  • Highlighting compelling content for several main audiences

We’re excited to see where the Social Impact Lab takes things from here!

Sara Cannon is a UX/UI Designer, Former Business Owner, Creative Director, & Artist remote working in Birmingham, Alabama. 
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