I'm speaking at WordCamp Atlanta!Thanks to some encouragement from Tammy Hart, I decided to apply to be a speaker at WordCamp Atlanta. I had spoken at WordCamp Birmingham in September and had a wonderful time. I always feel like I get so much out of WordCamp. Not only from everyone sharing so much of their knowledge but from meeting some incredibly talented people.

Coming from a design background rather than a programming one, sometimes I am a bit intimidated by speaking. When it comes to advanced php I feel like I'm more of a learner than a teacher - but when it comes to aesthetic, I feel like I have a lot to say. I am going to be speaking on something that is a passion of mine: "WordPress and Your Brand."

Brief Description of "WordPress and Your Brand":

"Utilizing WP technology to fit your brand, your look, and your goals"
We will be covering different aspects of WordPress and how it applies to company branding. We are going to look at good branding practices, examples using wordpress, and look into how we can give ourselves and our clients the best possible online presence. We are also going to talk about brand consistency online and offline, WordPress customization tips, and helpful Plugins.

"Adapt WordPress to your brand, not your brand to WordPress"

Anyone have any amazing examples of Design, Branding, or Interactive Branding they would like to share?

If you saw me speak at WC Bham this year.. its going to touch on some similar branding focuses, but it is going to be a million times better and very in depth talk about aesthetic, type, etc. I am so excited to hear all the other speakers and meet new friends in the tech community that weekend. Cant Wait!