There are not many brands I am loyal to. I can think of only a few. However, when it comes to the brands that I am - I strongly feel that way. It makes me wonder, what makes me loyal? is a good example. I found their website via a facebook add this summer. The collection of clothing is exactly my taste. But that is not the only reason I shop often with them. Their customer service is impeccable, they have a cheap flat-rate shipping, and free returns. All of those things makes the on-line shopping experience hassle-free. I have bought and returned items, even if it "just didn't fit right" and had no problems. I've spoken to them about products, their website makes it easy to post comments, and they actually get back to you timely. They have a "rating system" that customers can post up ratings and comments about products which are helpful such as "this shoe fits a bit large to size" or "this dress is not what it looks like in the pictures. the color is darker." Having an open-forum of customer reviews and comments makes the shopping experience more enjoyable and trusting.

One of the features of their website I love most is their wish-list feature. I can add products, and always come back to them. If a product in my wish-list is out of stock, it will tell me. It will also tell me if they have only a few left. That way, if I was waiting to get a friend a present, I can snag it early before they are all gone.

I think one of the most compelling reasons for brand loyalty to me is a constant strive for betterment. Modcloth is always upgrading their website - adding more features per request of their customer base. This will truly makes a great company better with much longevity.

An example of brand loyalty (that ended up not making it) was Red Mountain Market. They were the most amazing grocer in town. They had an online-inventory where you could order groceries and get it delivered for a flat rate of $5. However, their warehouse was right down the road, so I could do a pick up instead for free. I would order my groceries, and they would be there waiting for me after work to drop by on my way home. You could make recipie lists, and order ingredients at the click of a button. all their produce was local. the squash was from one of the owner's parents farm.

They also would order items I would want. I really love cheese, so I told them what cheese I like and they stocked it. I would get it every time. The same went for more vegetarian friendly products.

The sad thing here is that no one really knew how great they were. I tried to tell everyone to go there, but most people didnt want to veer off from their traditional method of going to a store. It saddens me that such an innovative and wonderful idea did not make it. They were only open for a year. But for that whole year, I had the best food-buying experience of my life. I only shopped there.. because I was committed to making them stay in business. however, apparently, I was one of their only few loyal customers and my loyalty was not enough.

Other brands I am loyal to:



Burt's Bees - high quality - all natural with no preservatives. I will always get their shampoo and skin care products.









Apple - technology I love and trust that also has aesthetic.








WordPress - the very best blogging software available. Open-source and Free. They are always striving for excellence.





I could probably make a blog post about each one. What brands are you loyal to?
-sara cannon