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Christian & Small decided to do something special as a holiday gift to their clients this year. Instead of sending a traditional gift such as wine or a gift basket, they decided to give a gift that's true to their mission of being "Nonstop Advocates" for the community. We designed a card to mail to their clients that contained a unique code. We created a special website, NonstopAdvocates.com, where the code can be entered to direct a gift to one of the three charities. The gift is then made in the client's name. The website features dynamically updating totals to show the real-time impact of the gifts. Clients can check back often at NonstopAdvocates.com to see the progress. This was a very rewarding project for Scout to be involved with. On a technical note: we used WordPress to power the site and PHP/MySQL to power the forms and code validation.

Clients choose what charities Christian & Small will donate to as their gift.

Clients get to read about the charities that they are choosing from and decide to give.

Clients will enter the code that they were mailed in this form.

Thank You Page

Nonstop Advocates also features what different Attorneys at Christian & Small are doing in the community. Keep checking in to read more about what they are doing as time goes on.