May 10, 2011

Scout Blog Post: “Freshly Pressed: Christian & Small Attorneys and Counselors”

Here is a post that I wrote over on the Scout Blog, syndicated over here just in case you didn’t catch it over there.

We have recently launched an exciting new site for Christian & Small Attorneys and Counselors. The law firm came to Scout for not only a new website but for help with branding and positioning — both internally and externally. They are a really capable firm, full of amazing people and have a wonderful focus on the community. If you haven't seen the donation website we made for them yet, make sure you check out the post for the site.

Simplicity of Design

Christian & Small has close to 50 attorneys with several different practice areas. We designed a website where communicating their expertise is the focus. We organized everything simply and made information readily available and easy to digest, all while keeping the character and integrity of the brand.

Customized WordPress Content Management System

Because Christian & Small has so many attorneys and so much content, we decided that the best fit for them would be a custom tailored WordPress backend. This set up allows designated C&S staff members, with no coding skills to easily add attorneys, edit practice areas and add photos. This ability to edit and add content internally saves money and over time, reduces the total cost of ownership of the website.

We used custom post types to organize the admin as well as create custom meta boxes for special information. This makes adding content easy.

We also added the ability to connect Attorneys to their respective practice areas dynamically, as well as their associated resources. This bridging of content really makes WordPress a true CMS.
Check out the website for yourself:

April 11, 2011

Scout Blog Post: “Pushing The Boundaries: Harp Law LLC”

Here is a post that I wrote over on the Scout Blog, syndicated over here just in case you didn't catch it over there.

Pushing The Boundaries: Harp Law LLC

We are so pleased to announce the launch of Harp Law, LLC. Greg Harp came to us with his vision and style and asked us to give him a site that just suits him perfectly. We are not only pleased with the tailored design, but the functionality of the site goes beyond measure.

Greg is always on his iPad and iPhone and wanted a site that would display his content well, no matter what device he was using. We decided to give him the very best and build in automatic device adaptation into the heart of the code. Utilizing the technique called "Responsive Web Design", no matter if he's on an iPad in Landscape Mode to an Android or an iPhone in Portrait Mode, Greg's content and brand is going to put its best foot forward.

Q: Did you really tweak his site on all the various devices and resolutions?
A: Yes.

Q: Doesn't that take up a lot of time?
A: Yes, it does. But in the long run, it is worth it. Greg will now never have to worry about making a custom mobile site or if things are showing up right on the iPad. We've even built in touch swiping into the slide-show. Here at Scout, we want to make the future of good web design practices, a standard reality now.

Check Out The Website:

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