Weather you are a carpenter, a chef, or a graphic designer, everyone has different tools that they use to work with. Here is a list of what I use / find to be helpful in what I do in my daily work routine. (In No Particular Order)

Web Development:

  • WordPress (CMS/Platform)
  • Coda (development)
  • Versions (for SVN communication)
  • Parallels (for browser testing)
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (graphics)
  • Firebug (for css debugging)
  • Typekit (for webfonts)
  • Linotype Font Explorer (for computer fonts)
  • Lighthouse (for bug tracking)
  • Beanstalk (for external SVN repositories)
  • Harvest (for time tracking)


  • Thunderbird (work email)
  • Skype (conversations with peers)
  • Colloqy (for IRC Chanel group discussions)
  • Cloud App (for screen shot and layout sharing)
  • Skitch (for quick image references)


  • Rdio (for music)
  • Airfoil (for air-tunes synchronization)
  • Keynote (for presentations)

What are some of the tools you use? Would love to hear about what you find to be useful and helpful no matter what the function. :)