August 9, 2012

“Designing for the Modern Web” session at WordCamp San Francisco 2012

I was so thrilled to give a talk at WordCamp San Francisco this past weekend! My talk was on "Designing for the Modern Web" - Which in essence was a talk about designing for HiDPI. Check out my Slides & Description:

Devices that consume the web are being created at a never-before heard of rate.  They’re getting smaller, lighter, faster, sharper, and sexier.  Life is awesome right?  But what about us web designers?

Let’s talk about how to get the best possible ratio of speed vs awesome, and what techniques to use for fast and stunning visual experiences.

I'll post the video whenever they have it up. All in all it was a fantastic weekend. I learned a ton from the other fabulous speakers, and the other attendees. Can't wait for next year.

September 1, 2011

Video: My Responsive Web Design talk at WordCamp San Francisco

Here's the video recording of my talk at WordCamp San Francisco that I gave on Responsive Web Design. Lots of talk about Twenty Eleven, WordPress, and Media Queries. Enjoy!

July 31, 2011

Speaking at WordCamp San Francisco on Responsive Web Design

I'm speaking at WordCamp San Francisco 2011!I have have been given the great opportunity to speak this year at WordCamp San Francisco! I am absolutely thrilled and humbled to be amongst the lineup of speakers at that conference. Let me know if you're going and I'll be sure to say hi! My session will be on "Responsive Web Design" and WordPress. Here's a semi-unofficial blurb about the talk.

Your site is about your content. With mobile devices, iPads, phones, gaming consols, etc: people can access your content many different ways and formats. How can we maintain some control over the display of our content and keep our brand consistent? How can we try to provide the best user experience on any platform?

Enter Responsive Web Design. A term coined by Ethan Marcotte. Many experts aren't leaning on one static design anymore, but on structured content that adapts to its given environment.
We are going to take a look at responsive web design techniques out there including: progressive enhancement, flexible grids, media queries, flexible images & video, & other methods that you can implement to make your WordPress theme "Responsive".
This talk is particularly important to me, as I will be leading a responsive admin effort in contributing to WordPress core. Follow and Contribute: . Are you going to WordCamp San Francisco this year?

June 17, 2010

WordPress TV: Mitcho Erlewine: Abstract Your Code

This is the video from my favorite session from WordCamp San Francisco. Mitcho Erlewine did a wonderful talk on abstracting code that really challenged me to produce better, cleaner, reusable code. Here is the video description:

Mitcho Erlewine discusses avoiding programming disasters by properly abstracting the code you write and how you can make sure to write code both you and others can reuse in the future.

Read my WordCamp San Francisco recap post

- sara cannon

May 17, 2010

WordCamp San Francisco 2010 Recap

I had the amazing privilege of attending WordCamp San Francisco this year. Having spoken at WordCamp Birmingham and WordCamp Atlanta on WordPress, I was thrilled to go to a WordCamp where I was just there to learn and absorb as much information in as possible.

I really enjoyed the sessions and absolutely loved meeting some of the really awesome people who attended. Personally, I was really challenged as a designer/developer to focus on themeing for future expansion and improvements, international capabilities, and for future sharing in the open source community.

One of the most informative sessions to me was Mitcho's "Abstract Your Code!" here is the description from the WordCamp SF website:

Abstract Your Code!
presented by Michael “mitcho” Erlewine

Writing code isn’t just about getting the job done, it’s about getting the job done right. In addition to being easier to read and maintain, one great advantage to writing properly abstracted code is that it is then easy to open-source it and give back to the WordPress community. Come learn about some best practices for writing portable, modular WordPress code and later open-sourcing that code as a plugin. Learn about the experiences of other programmers who have done client-sponsored open-source WordPress work and the benefits they reaped.

If anyone knows where there are videos or slides of that session.. I'd love to know and share it!

For those of you who were not able to attend, here's Matt Mullenweg's "State of the Word"

I would like to return to this mecca of WordCamp's next year if at all possible. A truly wonderful and challenging conference.

- sara cannon

Sara Cannon is a Design and Digital Strategy Consultant, UX/UI Designer, Creative Director, & Artist.
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