September 1, 2011

Video: My Responsive Web Design talk at WordCamp San Francisco

Here's the video recording of my talk at WordCamp San Francisco that I gave on Responsive Web Design. Lots of talk about Twenty Eleven, WordPress, and Media Queries. Enjoy!

June 17, 2010

WordPress TV: Mitcho Erlewine: Abstract Your Code

This is the video from my favorite session from WordCamp San Francisco. Mitcho Erlewine did a wonderful talk on abstracting code that really challenged me to produce better, cleaner, reusable code. Here is the video description:

Mitcho Erlewine discusses avoiding programming disasters by properly abstracting the code you write and how you can make sure to write code both you and others can reuse in the future.

Read my WordCamp San Francisco recap post

- sara cannon

Sara Cannon is a UX/UI Designer, Former Business Owner´╗┐, Creative Director, & Artist remote working in Birmingham, Alabama. 
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