I'm super thrilled to announce that I have been hired as a part time Design Mentor at the company Bloc! I'll be guiding students towards becoming great designers and giving them advice and critiques.

I'm super excited about this position as I think it's a perfect compliment to what I've been doing at Range. I'm the only designer at Range, and to be able to hone in my critical design skills, critiques, design thinking, and to learn from other designers is going to be super beneficial to me.

A little about Bloc:

Our mission: help everyone pursue their craft and improve their lives

Bloc is an online education company with intensive mentor-led programs for aspiring developers and designers.

Bloc relies on the time-tested apprenticeship model to help students start new careers. We combine experienced mentors and project-based curriculum to offer students around the world a more accessible and effective way alternative to traditional degrees or in-person bootcamps.

I can't be more thrilled - I take on my first students next week!