I'm so excited and thrilled that I was asked to speak at Future Insights Live conference in Vegas! It is a Carsonified conference that is combining "the future of mobile", "the future of web apps", and "the future of web design" into a whole week of incredible speakers, content, and ideas!

I will be speaking on "Responsive Web Design" in the future of mobile track! Here is my talk description:

Websites are all about content. People can access your content many different ways and formats with mobile devices, iPads, phones, etc. The questions are: how can we maintain control over the display of our content and keep our brand consistent? How can we try to provide the best user experience on any platform?

Enter Responsive Web Design. Many experts are not leaning on one static design but on structured content that adapts to its given environment. In this talk, we are going to take a look at responsive web design techniques out there including: progressive enhancement, flexible grids, media queries, flexible images & video, & other methods of implementation.

If you saw my talk in WordCamp San Francisco, never fear. It will be over 9 months since that talk and a lot has happened in the world of responsive design since then. So expect fresh content! I hope to see y'all there!