WordCamp BirminghamIf you've never been to a WordCamp now is the time to go! I'm really excited about this camp. I've even dove into the planning of it through designing, planning, pricing, and gathering sponsors. Speaking of, we now have some incredible sponsors (thank you to the platinum sponsors Vaultpress and MailChimp!) We also have some ABSOLUTELY incredible speakers. (I'm not going to miss Dougal Campbell or Andrew Nacin!) I also have the absolute pleasure to speak alongside this awesome lineup . Dan Gavin designed the WordCamp Bham W that I've put on the tshirts and badges.
REGISTER TODAY .. I'll even give you $5 off with this link!! Its going to be great! Really though: weather you are a non-profit, business, designer, developer, blogger, marketing guru, or social media connoisseur, you will benefit from this conference. My topic is geared more towards designers. Here's a description:

Beyond the System Font: Advanced Web Typography

Presented by Sara Cannon

Interested in pushing beyond the system font? Advanced Web Typography will cover:
– the current state of web typography/web font licensing etc
– the latest practices such as @font-face embedding
– a practical and applicable focus on how to utilize typekit with WordPress.
– real-time typekit install demonstration / how to change your h1
– application on mobile devices (ipad challenges)
– challenging and combating “FOUT” with js
– focus on supporting type foundries (no illegal pirating. buy licensing)

I'll post up slides after the event.. but really.. you should BE THERE!

Speaking about "WordPress and Your Brand" at WordCamp Birmingham last year.