I'm am so thrilled that I am going to be speaking Saturday Aug 16th at  WordCamp Birmingham! This year, the incredible Andrew Searles has headed up as lead organizer with an incredible team of co-organizers and volunteers. What they are bringing to our community this weekend is going to be FABULOUS and I can't thank them enough for their hard work. Get your ticket if you haven't yet already & come learn from all the incredible speakers!
Typography and User Experience by Sara CannonThe past two years, I had the great pleasure of co-organizing the camp but was unable to speak because of organizer duties. The last time that I spoke at WordCamp Birmingham was in 2010 on “Beyond the System Font – Advanced Web Typography.” I am so thrilled to be speaking again and can't wait! This year my topic will be: "Typography & User Experience."

Type on the web has many roles: it is an interface, a brand, sets tone, and directs the user. Typography has many roles and can either add or take away from User Experience. In this beautiful and exciting talk we’re going to look at various ways type is used, implemented, and dissect the role that it plays in user experience on the web.

Join us at WordCamp Birmingham!!!