January 12, 2011

2010 – the year of WordPress

2010 has been an incredible year. It had its ups and downs. some parts were really hard and others just joyous! I've met some incredible people this year and got plugged into a great community that surrounds the very platform that this blog (and my livelihood) is based on: WordPress. Its been quite the journey. I've stumbled into great opportunities that led me to go many places and meet many new friends.

1/8-9 - WordCamp Atlanta

(Post on my talk: WordPress and Your Brand)

5/1-2 - WordCamp San Francisco

(I just went to this one: Recap Post1, Post2)

8/20-22 - WordCamp Savannah

(Post on my talk: Customizing WordPress themes / Child Themes)

9/18-19 - WordCamp Birmingham

(Post on my talk: Beyond the System Font: Advanced Web Typography) Other Post

10/16-17 - WordCamp NYC

(Post on my talk: Typography and Your Theme)

In conclusion: 2010 rocked my WordPress world. Thank you to everyone who has mentored me and guided me in the word of WordPress. And, absolute special thanks to those who contribute in any way to the release and improvement of this incredible software. - sara

January 9, 2010

What To Avoid in 2010 – Sara Cannon

This is from a part of my presentation "WordPress and Your Brand" at WordCamp Atlanta. Thought I would pull it out and share.


The Large Paperclip:

The Notebook:

The Office Desk:

The Notebook on the Desk:

The Ripped Notebook on the Desk with the Paperclip:

The Notebook with the Pencil:

The Pencil with the Notepad:

These things are designs of the past. Lets move on to 2010 and create unique designs that don't throw us in with a bunch of similar ones. It will be better for your brand and you!

Please comment with your own "what to avoid" and add to the list!

- sara

To See the Full Presentation go here: http://www.sara-cannon.com/2010/01/my-presentation-at-wordcamp-atlanta-wordpress-and-your-brand/

Sara Cannon is a Design and Digital Strategy Consultant, UX/UI Designer, Creative Director, & Artist.
Have a project I could help you with? Contact me at sara@saracannon.com.

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