I can't be more excited about this event! This friday I will be speaking in Tokyo at the coworking space "Jelly Jelly Cafe" in Shibuya. I will be talking about Responsive Web Design and WordPress.

here is the Facebook Event:


A brief description/rant:

Q. What can be more exciting than your content being viewed in the very best manner possible?
A. Your content being viewed in the very best manner possible on any device!

Enter Responsive Web Design. A topic that is very near and dear to my heart. Why? Because it is important. We actually have the ability to make our site closer to perfect on every device.  Why wouldn't we?

No matter how you're accessing your content, it should be functional, readable, and consumable. No more device hinderance! No more pinching, squinting, and scrolling when not appropriate. No more trying to drag and swipe and having it not work as expected. We are in control. We can finagle and cry and tweak and cry and get angry until our content is perfect everywhere.