Elad Gill's site

Background & Vision

Elad Gil approached us with a manuscript he’d written over Christmas break.The pages addressed a knowledge gap in startup culture: there is abundant information on how to start a company, and a lot of information on how to manage a large company, but almost no information on how to scale a quickly growing company. 

As an experienced CEO and investor, Elad wanted to bridge that gap. And the information he had could do it. The title of the manuscript was the High Growth Handbook and it needed an online home.

Housing Evergreen Content

The High Growth Handbook is, as a whole, an excellent guide. But Gil knew most founders wouldn’t read it cover to cover.

Instead, he expected most readers would browse content for topics relevant to their current challenges. From there, they’d read through whatever information seemed useful.

This meant the table of contents had to be accessible and intuitive from every page of the site. It also meant that jumping from content piece to content piece needed to feel easy for online readers, both on desktop and mobile.

What’s more, Gil anticipated that his content would grow over time as readers asked good questions. The site couldn’t be static; it had to flexible.

 Elad Gill's site

Working with the publisher

For the final design of the site, we were lucky to work alongside the insanely talented team at Stripe Publishing. They provided a vision for the homepage, the rich color palette, and overall clean aesthetic.

 Elad Gill's site


To create the final product, we implemented Stripe’s look and feel in a custom-developed WordPress theme.

The core flexibility of WordPress provided the majority of content management. However, we took that flexibility even further by creating a book post type, sub-divided into chapters and content. We also added custom stylings for headers, quotes, and interviews.

The enhanced structure allows Gil to easily manage existing content, as well as publish new information as he compiles it.

A living, interactive book that keeps up with the founders reading it. We couldn’t be more excited to see how this knowledge base grows!

Sara Cannon is a UX/UI Designer, Former Business Owner, Creative Director, & Artist remote working in Birmingham, Alabama. 
Have a project I could help you with? Contact me at sara@saracannon.com.

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