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After we helped Disney Publishing bring readriordan.com to life, author Rick Riordan approached us about bringing some excitement and consistency to his personal brand. He asked us to improve his personal site and bring it more inline with Disney’s promotional site for his books, ReadRiordan.com. We collaborated with Riordan to identify several key areas for improvement, then set out to craft an otherworldly and on-brand experience for his large fan following.


To create an immersive, creative site experience that deeply engages Riordan’s large fan base.

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We aimed to create more immersive site visitor experiences so fans could explore Riordan’s work beyond the pages of their books. We also set out to align the new site design with readriordan.com so that Riordan’s work has a more unified, cohesive brand appearance. And we wanted to improve content organization and site navigation so that users of all ages and types could easily find the books, resources, or information they sought.


To deeply engage users, we crafted the site using animated SVGs, eye-catching illustrations, and a color scheme complementary to ReadRiordan. To ensure users could find the content they sought,  we crafted a clearly defined, intuitive site navigation that clearly targeted various user groups. WordPress’s easy content management system additionally gave Riordan full control over events, announcements, and book listings.

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A beautiful, on-brand platform for existing fans. Easy access to information and resources for parents, teachers and new fans, and full author control of content.

Ongoing Work

Since launch, we’ve continued to partner with Riordan for hosting, improvements and site maintenance. We focus on the technology so he can focus on his fans and writing.

Sara Cannon is a UX/UI Designer, Former Business Owner, Creative Director, & Artist remote working in Birmingham, Alabama. 
Have a project I could help you with? Contact me at sara@saracannon.com.

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